General rental conditions


Before an electric car is rented, you must sign the rental agreement, including the rental conditions and information provided. Every vehicle is handed over to you in a clean and fully fueled condition, which is why you have to bring it back in this condition, fully fueled and clean .


If the vehicle is handed over in a non-clean condition, we are entitled to charge you 100 euros for cleaning costs. If the battery is not full, we also reserve the right to issue you an invoice for the amount of the costs and an additional processing fee of 10 euros. Before handing over the vehicle, we will discuss the rental contract with you again in detail, as well as the rental conditions that you have to meet. In the course of this , we can clarify any possible ambiguities with you on your part.

Expiration of the rent


This section describes the rental process and how it works . The following five steps are always followed, regardless of whether you rent a vehicle directly from us or do so using a voucher.

1. The establishment of contact


Before contacting us, take a look at our rental cars on our website. As soon as you have found a vehicle that suits you, contact us . You will contact us - either by e-mail, by phone or using our inquiry form on our website.

You must provide us with the following information:

! Specification of the vehicle that you would like to rent

! Your full address

! The number of drivers

! When and for how long you need the vehicle (date and time for the pick-up and

Return date)

! Indication of whether you need a pick-up or delivery service (including delivery and

Pick-up address, whereby the specification of two different addresses is possible)

2. Checking and confirming availability


After receiving the required information, we will check the availability of the vehicle you require. You will then receive an answer within a very short time as to whether your desired vehicle is available or not. If there is availability, we will send you an email with the written confirmation

as well as a summary of the rental data and a corresponding offer.


You will find the following data in the e-mail:

The vehicle you want is available. Here is your written confirmation of vehicle data, rental period, other arrangements.

3. Collection and return


If you have not booked a pick-up and delivery service, both pick-up and return will take place at the company address (Gewerbering 35, 76287 Rheinstetten) at the times you specified. This is also possible on Sundays and public holidays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

4. Booking

In order for the booking to be finalized, you must send us a double-sided copy of your ID and driver's license. You can also do this by email. These documents are required so that we can prepare the rental agreement for you. We will then send you an invoice, which you must pay in within a maximum of 8 working days, unless there is another written agreement. If you prefer to send a request for payment by cash, credit card, debit card,

To receive bank transfer or PayPal from us, we will of course comply with your request.

5. Confirmation of the booking / reservation

As soon as you have paid the invoice and we have received it, we will make the reservation for your desired vehicle at your desired date. You will receive an email from us confirming your reservation.



To ask?


If you have any further questions, please contact us using the contact form or by phone: 0721 15 64 17 82


Also take a look at our FAQ page for more helpful information.